Why you need a Specialist Mechanic for a Prestige European Car

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Proper maintenance is essential for getting the most out of your car. Regularly visiting your local mechanic for car servicing helps extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Log book service is also important in keeping your warranty and making sure that your car is safe to drive.

However, if you drive a prestige European car, you may want to consider working with a specialist mechanic. Car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Alpha Romeo and Audi are known for their luxury, high performance and sophisticated engineering. However, occasionally they can also be a little temperamental and tricky to fix.

To properly maintain these vehicles, it can often be worth working with a mechanic who specialises in your type of vehicle. So, let’s have a look at why a specialist mechanic can be so valuable.

Electrical Components

Modern European cars are packed with high-tech features. The newer models often come with Bluetooth, LCD touch screens, advanced navigation systems and Apple CarPlay. In some models, there are even advanced safety features like blind spot cameras and emergency brakes. However, most importantly, newer models will have sophisticated computer systems that control every aspect of the vehicle’s performance and maintenance.

Often, these computer systems will be unique to the manufacturer and may be unfamiliar to general mechanics. With a regular mechanic, the issue might get misdiagnosed and then improperly fixed.

When it comes to repairing European car tech, a greater level of expertise may be needed. A specialist mechanic will have the appropriate diagnostic systems to assess electrical problems and how to fix them. They will have access to the appropriate tools and systems, as well as quicker (and oftentimes cheaper) assess to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Proper repairs are particularly important when it comes to the safety features of high-end European cars. Emergency brakes and blind spot cameras must be repaired properly so as to not compromise the safety of the driver. In fact, emergency brakes are so effective in preventing accidents that the RACV has recommended autonomous emergency brakes on all new vehicles.

Mechanical Parts

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In prestige or vintage European cars, the mechanical components can be advanced, non-standard or difficult to source or repair. Because of this, a high level of expertise and a specialised understanding is required to repair such parts.

If you work with a mechanic who is unfamiliar with European cars, they might replace a specific part with an inferior third-party product. This will compromise the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

With specialist mechanics, you can rest assured that they will use the proper replacement parts. OEM parts are almost always a necessity when it comes to repairing European vehicles. OEM parts are made to the original manufacturers’ specifications. This ensures the vehicle performs at an optimal level and that the driver’s safety isn’t compromised.

For older or vintage European cars, it can often be incredibly difficult to find original replacement parts. Specialist mechanics will have access to a much wider network of specialist parts dealers and will be much more likely to be able to source replacement parts that match the specific year and model of your vehicle.

Faster Repairs and Diagnostics

With prestige European cars, you will often need specific manufacturer tools and diagnostic systems to diagnose and fix certain problems. Since the features of high-end cars are getting more and more advanced, the equipment that mechanics need to repair them are also evolving. This means up-to-date tools are a necessity if you want your car to be repaired quickly and accurately.

At a regular car service shop, they might not have access to the specialist diagnostic tools and processes required to service and repair prestige or high-performance European cars. This can lead to longer repair times which ultimately means more days of not having a car. Not to mention the high-risk of your car being improperly repaired.

If you’re after accurate repairs and diagnoses, it’s best to take your car to a specialist mechanic. Not only will they understand the issue properly, they will also be able to repair it in a shorter period of time.

Sometimes going to your nearest auto repair shop isn’t the best way to go. High-end cars usually require specialised expertise. Consulting a specialist is going to cost more, but it will ensure that your car remains safe and in top condition for many years to come.