What is Guard Rolling?

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Guard rolling is the process of folding the inner lip of the wheel arch of your vehicle to increase the amount of space between the arch and the tyre. It’s a relatively simple process and with a professional mechanic on the job, you won’t need any additional paint or panel work.

Before beginning, your mechanic will perform a careful pre-inspection to make sure that there are no repairs or body filler that will crack open once the rolling process begins. A heat gun will also be used on the paint to make it more malleable and reduce the risk of it cracking. Then, a roll wheel will be carefully used to achieve the desired results.

Once completed, guard rolling will give your tyres maximum clearance no matter how many times you change them or if you lower your vehicle. It will also allow for much smoother travelling over bumps and will prevent your tyres from rubbing up against your guard.

Guard rolling can be performed on most makes and models of cars and shouldn’t take too long for a professional to do. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for your car to undergo guard rolling.

When tyres make contact with mud guards

One of the main reasons to get guard rolling is simply if your tyres are making contact with your mud guards or fenders. This can damage your tyres which may end up being both dangerous and expensive to replace or repair.

When your car has been lowered

Car lowering is an increasingly popular service, as it can increase the look of your car, improve its handling, lower its centre of gravity and make it more aerodynamic. However, guard rolling is often needed to prevent damage to your wheels and maintain safety for you and your passengers.

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When you get new tyres

If you’ve recently decided to get bigger tyres for your car you may find that you need to roll your guards, especially if your car has also been lowered. This will need to be done before you get your new tyres installed and start driving to avoid scratches on their sidewalls or your rims.

When contact with guards cause paint damage and tyre wear

You need to avoid contact with your guards in order to prevent unattractive body and paint damage and prevent premature tyre damage. Guard rolling can be utilized to protect your car from this contact occurring and causing premature and unnecessary harm to your vehicle.

Not only are there many reasons for your car to undergo guard rolling, but it also is a quick and affordable job that can greatly improve the handling and continued upkeep of your car. An experienced car service expert will be able to get the job done in only one or two days and will have you reaping the rewards of your newly rolled guards in no time.