The Benefits of Logbook Car Servicing

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Getting your car serviced by an experienced and reliable mechanic is essential for its longevity and performance. This is why it’s important for automotive manufacturers to provide a logbook that outlines all the servicing needs of a car. Although the maintenance work doesn’t need to be directly conducted by the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s specifications should be followed exactly. These specifications include maintenance instructions as well as a schedule. This process will ensure the vehicle will remain in working condition for many years to come.

In this blog, we’re going to further discuss the importance of regular logbook servicing and what you can miss out on if you choose to ignore it.

Allows you to make claims against the warranty

For some new vehicles, log book servicing from an approved mechanic may be required to keep your warranty valid. This can make log book servicing incredibly important for your new car.

If something goes wrong with your vehicle, you may need to make a claim against the warranty. However, for you to do this, you may need to provide an up-to-date service logbook. This will allow the manufacturer to see that the vehicle has been properly maintained.

Gets you a better resale price 

When you’re buying a second hand car, you want to know what condition the vehicle is in and how well it’s been maintained. On the other hand, when you’re selling a car, you want to be able to provide this information to a potential buyer.

You can do this with an updated and stamped logbook. When you regularly take your vehicle for logbook servicing, you will have evidence of all the care and attention that you’ve given the vehicle. It is proof that your car is in working condition and that no corners have been cut in terms of maintenance.

Indeed, if the car is well-maintained, it’s reasonable to argue that it has retained much of its value. This is an advantage as a seller as it enables you to negotiate a higher selling price. At the very least, the buyer won’t be able to negotiate for a lower price.

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Lowers repair cost

If you’re taking care of your car through logbook servicing, you’re reducing the risk of major breakdowns. This means you’re less likely to have to pay for expensive repairs and replacement parts. If something does go wrong with your serviced vehicle, it’s likely to be a minor problem that can easily be fixed in a short period of time.

By getting logbook servicing at the scheduled times, you’re preemptively scouting out automotive issues. Yes, you’re going to have to take time out of your week to do this. However, considering the amount of expensive car problems that you will be avoiding, it’s a small price to pay indeed.

Keep records

Logbooks also act as a record of your car’s history. This is extremely important especially if the car has been worked on by multiple mechanics. The logbook will let the current mechanic know the services the car has gone through and what potential problems it might have.

If your car is suddenly in need of repair, this information will allow automotive professionals to diagnose the problem quickly and repair it in a timely manner. Ultimately, this will reduce the amount of time that your car spends in the shop.

Peace of mind

Lastly, logbook servicing gives you peace of mind. If you’ve ever had a car break down on you in the middle of the road, you know how unsettling it is to drive that same car again.
By getting your car maintained and taken care of by certified mechanics, you’ll have assurance that your vehicle is in as great a condition as it can be.

Logbook servicing has plenty of other benefits beyond these five points. If you want to save time and money, be sure to take your car in for servicing at the scheduled times. Even if you think your car is in great shape, it’s a good idea to have it looked at by a professional. For those of you who have questions or concerns about your vehicle please visit your local auto repair shop for advice.