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4 Post hoist – A detailed study on four post car hoist


4 Post Hoist

A car hoist is a mechanical instrument which is mainly used by trained mechanics to elevate a car. This enables the mechanic to get a clear view of the engine under the car. Car hoists are needed at the time of a multiple car operations like fluid changes, lubrication equipment, hoist maintenance and install new hoists etc. Hoists are available in different types for different cars. For example single post lift, scissor hoist, four post hoist etc. Two post hoists are suitable for vehicles of 3 tons. Because of its advanced mechanism these hoists prevent nut breakage and emergency chain breakage. Scissor type hoists are commonly used by home owners because they offer a great load handling flexibility.

4 post hoist are mainly appropriate for heavy vehicles. With four hydraulic posts the four post hoists provide the best lifting facility with the maximum amount of stability. They are very useful at times of suspension repairs with a sliding jacket stand or a bottle jack on the hoist rails. When it comes to the question of durability, four post hoists tops the list. They also save a lot of time in the process of suspension replacement. 4 post hoist are the most popular car lifts seen in Australian car market. The driver has to be very cautious at the time of driving the car to the lift. A small mistake can lead to a disastrous accident.

You should make a thorough research before choosing the best to buy a car hoist. You will get a whole lot of options while choosing the best merchants for car hoists but you need to decide who is worth paying for. Only experts in the automotive industry can guide you in this process so that you can get the best deal available in the market. Firstly you need to examine which model of hoists will fulfill your criteria. Depending on that take your decision to purchase the perfect hoists for yourself.

If you are searching for a durable car hoists then you should go for 4 post hoist. They provide a very powerful support by dividing the weight of the car uniformly. These are commonly used by owners of large trucks.

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Vehicle Hoist Safety and Efficiency
Car Hoist
Of all the material handling equipment available nowadays, the car hoist is the most popular especially in the automotive sector. A car hoist is the most ides automotive lifting equipment which is used to lift cars easily and also refer to the action of lifting a car in the air. It can be very helpful in conveniently raising and lowering the vehicle. Sometimes in the workshops, parking area or garages, our cars need to be lifted for checks, wheel balances and repairs beneath them. As a result, The car hoist is to be used in order to transform this process into an easier one. So it is considered to be very vital part of any garage.
In today’s world of fast services, vehicle hoist offer workshop efficiency for faster car repair services. Technology is being invented with ideas to help you perform different activities within a smaller space. These car hoists are available in different configurations and capacities. There are some that are useful for individuals to lift their small cars, while there are some that are used by professionals to lift the heavy automotive. It is very important to scrutinize the various viable options available and understand the configurations and capacities of the different types.
There are several types of the car lifts, which are:
  • Two posts Car lifts – these are best for the home, garages and can get adjusted in a very little space. The types are – symmetrical and asymmetrical.
  • Four posts car lifts – vehicles can be driven directly into it and these have more capacity and can take very heavy loads. Such types are used normally for general servicing and wheel alignments.
  • Scissor style – it has the capacity of holding vehicles like buses. These are mostly liked by the professionals. These are also used for adjusting wheel alignments.
  • Low rise models – features a dropped crossbar having a low profile preventing the damage of the body.
  • Pit hoists – it is space saving and can work efficiently providing security.
  • Single posts – single armed having a wide platform is suitable for boat, truck, cars and other similar type of the recreational vehicles.

Using these car hoists without proper knowledge can be very dangerous, especially in the case of the heavy duty ones which are used for lifting up large and heavy vehicles. It is important to carefully understand the different types of car hoist operation. Even a fraction of error can cause a disaster. Therefore, a proper understanding of its working and capacity is required. It is thus necessary that you are acquainted with the different types. First of all, before finalizing a type to buy, consider the type of vehicles that you will be lifting. The frequency of its usage and the availability of space are also important factors to be looked at before choosing one. Considering other requirements is also important.

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