The Importance Of A Roadworthy Certificate Mitcham


A roadworthy certificate Mitcham is required when a vehicle is given for sale. It is also known as a safety certificate, they are always issued by a licensed vehicle tester. The roadworthy certificate is very essential because it affirms that the vehicle has passed minimum safety standard inspection. A roadworthy certificate can only be issued when a vehicle goes through all the security tests conducted by a licensed vehicle tester working in a renowned garage or service station. If you want to register or transfer your vehicle the roadworthy certificate should not be more than 30 days old. The cost of the roadworthy certificate depends on the type, age and the condition of the vehicle.

Below given are the components that are inspected before giving the roadworthy certificate Mitcham. The vehicle tester inspects that all of these elements are in a working condition and are safe to use on road.

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering, suspensions and brake systems
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Windscreen and windows including wipers and washers
  • Vehicle structure
  • Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine

The following are the components that are not inspected during the safety check for issuing a roadworthy certificate:

  • That the vehicle is in excellent condition without any wear and tear in its appearance or deterioration.
  • The luxury components such as the air conditioner, rear window demister, electric windows and rear window wiper are all not checked as they are non safety related components.
  • The certificate also does not guarantee that the items checked during the roadworthy inspection will continue to function even after the inspection for example brakes or lights can stop functioning at any time after the inspection.

Where should a roadworthy certificate be displayed?
From the time your vehicle is given for sale, the roadworthy certificate should be displayed in specific areas. And when it is kept for display, all the information written on the roadworthy certificate should be able to be seen clearly from outside the vehicle. The certificate should be displayed in various vehicles such as:

  • Motorcycle – On the front forks or guard
  • Car – on the windscreen or window
  • Trailer – on the draw bar

Thus, a roadworthy certificate is of utmost importance while offering your vehicle for sale. It plays a crucial role in proving that your vehicle is safe to use on road.