Reason For Reject Article

We appreciate your attempt and we only approve content that meets our specified requirements. However, if your article is rejected, here are the common reasons:

  • If added a wrong or fake bio (as specified bio should be about a person not business).
  • If image is missing in bio.
  • If content is less then specified limit.
  • If content is non-engaging for readers.
  • If content is of low quality (e.g. style, grammar errors).
  • If article is submit in a format that do not support or used on our website.
  • If titles and headings are not in the specified letter cases.
  • If content is not unique (plagiarized).
  • If articles have ‘spammy’ or unnatural anchors/links, promotional or based location anchors/links (e.g. “Best web developer Sydney”).
  • If content is not written in specified language. (We accept only English language).
  • If article possess promotional content or advertisements.
  • If it is a press release, it will not be acceptable.
  • We do not accept adult or mature content, job postings, gambling content, property listings, and finance advice.