Must-have Tech Accessories for your Car

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Most people update their technology more often than they update their car. So if you rely on your vehicle’s in-built technology you could still be listening to CDs and navigating via an outdated sat nav.

Instead of relying on old and obsolete technology, check out this list of must-have tech accessories that will bring your car into the 21st century.

Accessories for a Better Drive

Car Accessories

  • Car phone holder

Using your phone while driving is dangerous and can cost you serious money if you get caught. However, you can legally use your phone if it’s secured in a commercially designed car phone holder that’s fixed to the vehicle. With a holder, you can use your phone’s GPS system, music apps and even make hands-free calls safely.

There are a variety of styles to choose from designed for different makes and models of phones. Some can be attached to the inside of the windshield while others clip onto the air conditioning vents.

  • Dashboard grip pad

A dashboard grip pad is more than just a phone holder. The grip pad is fitted to the dashboard and has a stand to mount your phone, as well as a separate compartment to store keys, sunglasses and even spare change. It’s a handy and more accessible alternative to the often inadequate in-car storage.

  • Bluetooth FM transmitter

Depending on your car’s model, it may not be equipped with Bluetooth or an auxiliary input for your phone. This doesn’t mean you can’t play your favourite music through your car’s speakers though. With a Bluetooth FM transmitter, you can play your favourite music through your phone and the transmitter will broadcast the music to an empty FM station. All you have to do is tune in.

  • Dashboard camera

More drivers are adopting dashboard cameras. They can be used to record what’s happening while driving and can be useful in case of accidents for police reports and insurance claims. Reversible units can also film the inside of the car to capture footage in case someone breaks into or steals your car.

  • Reversing Camera

Team your dashboard camera with a reversing camera. The reversing camera gives you a clear view of exactly what’s behind you as you reverse. This can be invaluable for drivers of large vehicles or for those with small children and pets. They can also be incredibly helpful for reversing trailers. Know more about wireless reverse cameras

Accessories for Breakdowns and Emergencies

Car Accessories

  • Smart car locator

We’ve all felt the frustration of forgetting where we’ve parked the car in a busy shopping centre car park. But with a smart car locator, you’ll never have that problem again. Simply place the device in your car and download the companion app. The app can then guide you back to your car. With a smart car locator, you can also help locate your car if it’s been stolen.

  • Bluetooth key finder

With push-button starting cars becoming more common, it’s getting easier to lose car keys, even in the car. But you’ll never waste a moment searching for your car keys again with a Bluetooth key finder.

Attach the tracking tag to your keys, and the next time you misplace them, you can use the companion app to find them again.

  • Car battery jumper

Just as portable rechargeable power banks for phones have become commonplace, portable car battery power banks are becoming increasingly common. This portable battery can be used to jumpstart your car on the go, as well as charge phones and laptops.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring kit

Well-maintained tyres last longer and improve the safety and handling of your car. Monitoring the air pressure is a vital part of good tyre maintenance. With a tyre pressure monitoring kit, you can check your tyre pressure at any time. Pair the monitoring kit with a battery powered air compressor and you can adjust your tyre pressure at any time.

Accessories to keep your Car Tidy

Car Accessories

  • Car trash can

If you’ve got kids or you’re going on a road trip, a trash can is a definite must-have. Your car can stay tidy and you won’t feel like you’re driving a rubbish tip.

  • Car vacuum

Complement the car trash can with a vacuum. This can be exceptionally useful if you have pets who shed a lot of hair or you spend a lot of time at the beach.

  • Console insert

The gap between the console and the front seats of a car can be a blackhole for phones, keys, spare change and even jewellery. However, with a console insert that doubles as additional storage, you won’t ever have to worry about something slipping between the console and seats again.

  • Car seat organiser

If you find your backseat is constantly a mess of bits and pieces, but you can’t justify taking these items out of the car, then get active with storage.

Car seat organisers can hang on the back of the driver or front passenger seat. Different styles come with a variety of pockets and pouches. These can be great for storing car necessities like tissues, hats, sunscreen, travel umbrellas and water bottles, as well as kids’ toys.

  • Car boot organiser

Make the grocery shop easier with a car boot organiser. You won’t ever have to worry about bags falling over and produce getting bruised or squashed. It’s a simple frame that’ll keep your bags in place, along with any other items you keep in your car boot.

There’s a world of accessories and tech out there to make your car more enjoyable and safer to drive. From making it easier to find your car and keys to keeping the car tidy, your daily drive can easily be improved with these must-have items.