Mercedes Spare Parts can now be found in less!

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Mercedes is one of the most renowned and respected brand in the automobile world. But when it comes time to make repairs or do regular maintenance of your high end Mercedes, it becomes a struggle for car owners to find the best spare parts for the luxurious car. Sourcing Mercedes parts is one of the most daunting tasks in the car repairs. Lots of time and money can be wasted if proper sourcing of used spare parts is not done. MERC4WD is one of the leading and trusted sources for buying the reliable and good quality Mercedes parts in Australia. We provide Mercedes spare parts mainly Mercedes Benz parts that are in good working condition at much cheaper rates as compared to the price you would have send in buying the new one. This results you in buying OEM spare parts in excellent working condition without giving stress to your wallet. We also offer 12 months warranty on all our Mercedes 4wd car parts.With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, MERC4WD is a specialized wrecker and dismantler of all models of Mercedes 4WD’s and SUV’s. We pay cash for all the Mercedes 4WD’s models from 1988 to present. We simply dismantle and recycle all the parts that have not been damaged and are in good working condition. Not only this, we also deal with Australia’s major insurance companies and auction houses to purchase the Mercedes reliable for dismantling and recycling.We respect your time and thus aim to deliver all the spare parts throughout Australia on the next business day itself. MERC4WD serve in all the major cities in Australia that includes Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland and Perth.Get your Mercedes back on the road with less stress to your wallet!