Indications showing your Clutch Needs a Repair

Clutch Repair

What is clutch:-

Clutch can be defined as a mechanical device which retain and loose the power transmission from driving shaft to driven shaft. Clutches are generally used for transmission of power or motion that needs a control in amount or time.

In general, clutches connects and disconnects two rotating shafts i.e. drive shafts or line shafts. In these devices one shaft is connected to an engine while other shaft gives output in the form of power or work.

The problems that clutch faces are:-

  • Slipping:- It is one of the problem exists in the earlier stage. In good working condition a disc is tightly held in front of flywheel of the engine which makes the power to rely on it to the drive train. As the clutch starts to get wear n tear, it starts losing its frictional material’s strength and the clutch starts to slip from the flywheel when rotates with the high speed. The best way to know if the clutch is slipping is when your car’s engine speed and RPM reading increases when the car is still or in the acceleration mode.
  • Jerky acceleration:- If you find  your car shaking enormously while pressing the accelerator pedal that means it signals the clutch is trying to catch the flywheel which is not normal. In this case there is nothing to do with frictional material but the problem arise due to other components.
  • Burning Smell:- The clutch gives a pungent small in your car cabin which indicates that car clutch is damaged seriously when you press the clutch and change the gear. The burning smell is due to the lack of lubrication which is a complete wear material of the clutch.
  • Clutch Drag:- A drag of the clutch takes place when the clutch pedal are engaged but the clutch cannot set free from the flywheel. So during gearshift it makes the grinding sound. It is said by the experts that if you are failed to recognize this sign then you might lose your transmission gear and clutch.
  • Clutch Vibration:- Any vibration in the clutch pedal, when engaged or disengaged is a result of severe wear and tear of the components that make up the clutch. On finding any such vibration in your car’s clutch, it is best to consult a qualified mechanic immediately.

Ensure quality when sourcing for clutch plate. This is something that is quite important. Take care of factoring in their track record when ordering for clutches or other products.