• 10/03/2017 at 11:38 AM

    Got a faulty transmission, dont know what to do about it. Mechanic’s repair estimate is over the original cost of the car itself. Well in that case we recommend contacting local car wreckers in your area. The most important question to ask them would be “How many KM’s the car has done”. Because car wreckers buy out complete cars from all over Melbourne. People sell them cars either for getting cash for their cars or the car is too old and cant be sold otherwise so they just want somebody to remove the car from their house or the car had an accident. If you are lucky you would find a transmission in good condition with low km’s from an accident car from the wrecker. It would cost you less then half of what you would be quoted from genuine part dealers. Good car wreckers also offers 3 months warranty for the part they sell.