Complete Trailers Service and Repair House

Trailer Repairs

Blackburn Trailers is an Australian based family-owned and operated business which deals in different types of new trailers and trailer parts along with repairing, servicing wrecked trailers and installation of any parts (for regular houses too – check the installation costs at Contractor Culture). We sell top quality trailers, which are built by the best trailer manufacturers in the industry. If we don’t have the trailer you need, we can make it for you with a minimum amount of time at a competitive price. Based in Victoria, we have been leading the way since 1956 and have succeeded to build our reputation by providing our customers with the best quality products throughout Australia.

Trailers are said to be very useful accessory because they are used for various types of transportation to carry goods or cargo’s from one place to another. It is really a problem from moving one place to another without having any truck which you can use to carry all your necessary things.

Our principles:
  • To offer top quality trailers which will meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • To ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing excellent service.
  • To keep up an excellent relationship with our personnel and the community.
  • To establish us as a low-cost manufacturer.
  • To deliver the products without compromising quality.

Being versatile vehicles, trailers have a variety of purposes, hence it becomes essential to know the purpose a customer needs the trailer for. That is where we can help.

Blackburn Trailers offers a wide range of trailers which are as follows:

  •  Light and heavy duty
  • Off road and camping trailers
  • Box and Tendems
  • Covered Trailers
  • Canvas or aluminium tops
  • Tradesmans trailers
  • Machinery trailers
  • Tippers
  • Motorcycle trailers

Our service include:

  • Standard trailers
  • Custom made-to-order trailers
  • Trade-ins
  • Spares
  • Repairs
  • Canvas and aluminum tops
  • Water-Tanks

If you need to transport equipment or dry goods, then go for a dry van trailer. On the other hand, if you want to carry any materials and larger machines in a construction site, you can use our a dump truck trailer because it has more spaces and capable enough to carry heavy loads. For carrying small and light items utility trailers will be the best option for you. It is a type of small trolley which is pulled by a motorized automobile.

If you are looking for the top quality and durable car trailers & Parts, then it is highly recommended to you to contact a reliable service provider like Blackburn Trailers. Since we are capable enough to provide you quality assurance and guarantee peace of mind. We can also customize trailer to suite your needs and always strive to exceed your expectation. Whether you want to buy products or have any queries, you can contact us. We will try to solve all your queries in a fastest possible way.