Caring For Your Car’s Clutch at AAA Automotive Surrey Hills

Car Clutch

Unlike most passenger cars, most vehicles are operated by a manual transmission. A car is generally responsible for picking the right gear to get the best performance out of their engine. Being able to operate the transmission is crucial to the safety of a rider and the performance of a car. If you cannot put your vehicle in gear, you may face a rear-end accident. Clutch failure of a vehicle is one of the most dangerous situations that a motor vehicle might ever face.

The clutch is the control that applies the pressure to disengage the disks that make up a transmission. The clutch helps the driver to control their transmission and therefore, power output. But if the clutch fails, a rider can quickly be put in a dangerous situation in which they cannot control their vehicle. Car accidents happen in seconds and anything that steals a rider’s attention for very long can contribute to a dangerous situation.

 Unfortunately, clutch failure sometimes occurs, even when you are driving on the highway. Many dangerous roadway situations are avoided because, for most vehicles, the clutch must be engaged to start the engine. If the clutch is not functioning properly, the car will not start which may be an annoyance, but is much safer than a having a mechanical failure on the highway. There are different types of mechanical issues for clutch failure, including clutch lever failure and clutch cable failure. If your car clutch fails while you are out on the road, then you should exit the road as quickly and safely as is possible to keep away from a dangerous accident.

 The clutch is therefore one of the most crucial elements of your car’s operation, Here we have discussed about four warning signs you should be aware of.

  • When you drive a manual car in a slow moving traffic there is the temptation to write the clutch and only engage it to creep forward in little increments. Over a long period of time this will wear the clutch plate and make it overheat. When this situation occurs, it will emit a burning smell, and smoke can be seen coming from under the car. This sign tells that your clutch is being damaged and need to serviced as quickly as possible
  • If your damaged clutch begins to slip, then the gear will simply disengage when it is under a heavy load. When you find your vehicle is slipping out of gear without any apparent reason, it indicates that your car clutch is at the end of its life and it needs need to be replaced as early as possible.
  • The slippage problem can also occur if oil leaks from the crankshaft onto the clutch plate. For this reason the clutch plate can slip out completely out of the gear and have a jerky operation. This may not indicate a clutch failure, but it needs urgent attention.
  • Hydraulic linkages which may occur from a loss of pressure can prevent the clutch from disengaging. Once again, it may not be an indication of clutch failure, but the leak need to be fixed.

There are many quality auto service company is available in the market who provide good quality clutches service. But when it comes to high quality smooth performance, then contact with a car service centre that have mechanics specializing in clutch and brake repair. Clutches provide high performance through a delicate balance of clamping force disc design and the high tech friction material.