Car Detailing For The Top Class Maintenance of A Car

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Car detailing is taking care of a car and there are various activities involved in this process. Car detailing is the cleaning, restoration and finishing of a motor car for producing show quality finish and polish. Detailing of a car can be performed on the interior or exterior of a car. Special tools and materials are required for the car detailing purpose and car detailing requires a lot of hard work. Car detailing services are easily available and can be hired for a reasonable price in Melbourne.

Car detailing must be started with the proper washing of the car which can be done with water. Different parts of the car like chrome trim, windows, wheels, tyres and other components must be thoroughly cleaned. Microfibre clothes must be used for more efficiency, lower friction, easier washing, rinsing and drying. Good quality microfibres must be used for cleaning of the car so that there is no damage to the car. The microfibre cloth must be maintained in a good condition so that it can give good results with the cleaning.

The car must be dried after cleaning and after that a trim protectant or restorer must be applied before painting the car. This product will repel any polish or wax which may stain the trim. Masking tape can be utilised to protect the trim during the waxing and thus it will save time and clean up. Clay work must be done to remove any traces of over spray and other contaminants which could not be removed with the wash.

The next stage is polishing the car to restore the original paint complexion and this may be done with different colours as and which suits the requirements of the user. A sealant can be used to give a car a glossy shine and make it look wonderful. Wax can also be applied to the surface of the car for extra protection. This will ensure that the car will look its best and also stay protected.

The glass of the car must be dried in two directions, the interior of the glass must be wiped in a horizontal and the exterior in a vertical direction. This way streaks can be better removed from the surface of the glass. Cleaning of the interior of the car must be done with mechanical agitation. A brush must be used before vacuuming the interior of the car. To remove pet hair latex gloves must be rubbed over the carpet in the car for easy removal of the hair by vacuuming. The headliner must be handled with great care and very little moisture must be used with it and which must never be allowed to soak through the outer fabric. Deodourising of the car can be done as a final step to give the car a pleasing odour.

Thus, car detailing is a good way to improve the condition of the car and make it last longer. . For more info visit us at