Buying Used Car? Don’t forget to ask for Roadworthy Certificate!!

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Roadworthy certificate is one of the most important documents required while selling or buying a vehicle. It ensures that the vehicle is in good condition and is safe to be driven on the road. It also permits vehicles to commute and carry cargos. So, if you are planning to sell your car or buy a used car, roadworthy certificate is the first thing you need. The certificate ensures that the vehicle has passed the safety inspection and is ready to use.

Below listed are some points describing the significance of procuring the roadworthy certificate:-

  • If you are planning to buy the used car, it’s of utmost importance to acquire the roadworthy certificate, as without it you won’t be able to transfer the car on your name. A roadworthy certificate also ensures that you’re investing in the right vehicle and is safe to be driven.
  • Roadworthy certificate is important for you to get on roads. Without a certificate, you won’t be allowed to drive or even register your car. Thus ensure you have this certificate before you visit you the automobile department near you.
  • Safety comes first and a car with roadworthy certificate ensures that it is without any faults and is safe to drive.

Before issuing the roadworthy certificate a thorough inspection of a car is carried out which include brakes, engines, clutches, seat, seatbelts, headlights, windows, windscreens, tyres, air-conditioning systems, exhaust valve and many more.

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