Benefits of Log Book Service

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Unlike general servicing, which includes a set of standard checks and car repairs determined by the kilometres on the vehicle, log book servicing is a more comprehensive and pre-emptive type of car service. Log book servicing is a series of scheduled services carried out at particular time or kilometre intervals. The logbook schedule is laid out by the vehicle manufacturer, so the timing and what’s involved in each service will differ depending on the manufacturer and the vehicle model.

While log book servicing may end up costing you a bit more up front, due to the frequency and depth of the services, it offers a range of benefits and may even end up saving you money in the long run.

So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of log book servicing.

Helps Maintain the Warranty

If you have a new car, log book servicing by a manufacturer- or deal-approved mechanic may be required to maintain your vehicle warranty. Trying to make a warranty claim for repairs can be a headache. And in some cases, dealers may refuse to honour a warranty claim unless you have the proper log book documentation showing that the servicing has been carried out on schedule by an approved mechanic.

Specialised Maintenance

Because the log book service schedule is designed specifically for your vehicle make and model, the servicing is tailored to your car’s requirements. Each car has its own kinks and idiosyncrasies. Different components will wear out faster in different cars, for example. With log book servicing you’re getting specialised maintenance tailored to your specific vehicle. That means you’re getting the repairs, replacements and preemptive maintenance that your car needs, and not any other work that your car doesn’t need.

Preemptive Maintenance

Log book servicing often involves replacing components at pre-set time or kilometre intervals. This can mean replacing parts before they are fully worn out or even showing signs of any problems. However, this work will ensure you avoid any more significant problems in the future, saving you money on major repairs and the hassle of a major breakdown.

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Full Vehicle Documentation

Maintaining your vehicle log books allows you or your mechanic to clearly track all the work that has been carried out on your vehicle. This includes who has worked on your car and when, what work has been done, what parts have been used and any potential problems that should be monitored.

Besides helping with vehicle repairs and maintenance, this documentation can be useful for insurance purposes or if you decide to sell your car.

Maintain Resale Value

Cars with a full documented service history tend to maintain their resale value better than other vehicles. A potential buyer will want to see that the vehicle has been properly maintained and cared for and that all necessary repairs and maintenance have been carried out on schedule. And buyers are often willing to pay a premium for vehicles with fully documented service histories.

Log book servicing may mean your car gets serviced a bit more than you would like or that you pay a little more up front for each car service. However, it can end up saving you money in the long run and will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is getting the best possible care.