About Us

We all love our Cars. Right?

Only if we are able to maintain them in best possible ways. Maintenance also means Cost, reliability, Honesty?

Exactly, our philosophy is simple. We aim to revolutionize the decision making process, next time when you go shopping around to choose the right car specialist for your right cars across Australia.

APA Journal was created to improve the most frustrating task of finding an honest car mechanic, spare parts supplier, car accessories shop, boat specialist and boat trailers.

We aim to provide the right platform for our community members where one can actually discuss their real concerns and experiences to help others to choose the best car and boat specialists in the market. APAJournal.com.au offers its readers the knowledge with an alternative of the traditional means of choosing the automobile professionals which actually brings utmost quality and peace of mind. These forums and blogs encourage their social network to post the best and worst experiences while dealing with different car mechanics, car wreckers, parts supplier, boat specialist and trailers seller.

Let’s find the best word of mouth, so our community members spend less time and money to choose auto repairer next time they go visit one. It also provides fair advantage to all the honest and reliable auto professionals out there. Remember, the honest businesses deserve the right people referred by the right people.

Are you ready to help your mate choose the right person in the market?

Let’s spread the good words then.