6 Reasons to Make the Switch to an Electric Bike

Electric Bike Australia

For many people, the commute to and from work can be the worst part of the day. Traffic, packed public transportation and constant delays can put anyone in a bad mood and ruin your day.

Luckily, there’s an increasingly popular alternative. Electric bikes have seen a considerable boom in recent years, offering a safe and reliable way to travel around the city.

Whether you ride a traditional bicycle, drive or catch public transport, e-bikes offer a range of benefits over these other forms of transport. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider investing in an electric bike.


One of the best things about electric bikes is their speed, allowing you to quickly and easily get to where you need to be and zoom through backed-up traffic with ease.

Australian law states that electronic bikes cannot travel faster than 25 kilometres per hour, so once you pass that speed the electrical assistance will decrease and you’ll have to rely on pedal power. Nonetheless, as long as you travel below the speed limit you’ll be provided with a fast and low-effort journey.

2.Less strenuous

While many people view e-bikes as “cheating” or being of little value to our physical fitness, studies have shown they provide just as vigorous of a workout as traditional bikes. However, participants who used electric bikes reportedly didn’t feel like they got a workout despite their heart rate monitors and fitness trackers saying otherwise.

This suggests that e-bikes are a great way for both experienced cyclists and those of us who aren’t as fit to get in a good workout without over-exerting ourselves, especially before work. You can also control how much assistance you get, determining how much effort is required on your part and you can either avoid or actively engage in a tougher workout.

3.Environmentally friendly

Climate change is one of the most talked-about issues in the world, and more and more people are changing their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint. Electric bikes are a great way to quickly and efficiently get around town without relying on cars, motorcycles or public transportation.

E-bikes release no carbon into the atmosphere and rely solely on batteries, which are long-lasting and do not need to be replaced for many years. By charging your bike overnight during off-peak hours you can use the excess power generated by your electricity company and put a lower strain on the power grid.

4.Saves you money on petrol

The money you spend on an e-bike will be earned back through the money you save on petrol in no time. Depending on the type of bike you have, you can get between 40 and 80km travel time from a single charge. Compare that to the cost of driving 80km and you’ll quickly see the savings piling up.

5.Variety of options

Ebike Australia

The great thing about electric bikes is that they come in a variety of models and designs. The most commonly found styles are:

  • Electric city bikes

Electric city bikes are generally the most popular model and are designed for commuters and those living in urban areas. They’re perfect for riders who simply want a fast and easy way to travel around the city and their local area.

  • Electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes are essentially just like regular mountain bikes but with a motor, designed for off-road travel and tough terrains. They make it much easier to get to the top of your run, saving your energy for the downhill.

  • Electric fat bikes

An electric fat bike is an off-road bicycle with wide, oversized tyres. They are ideal for travelling on unstable and soft surfaces such as snow, sand and mud.

6.They’re affordable

Electric bikes are extremely affordable. Even the more expensive models are still considerably cheaper than cars or motorcycles, and cost much less to maintain and upkeep.

And as mentioned previously, their upfront cost is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars you can save on petrol and even public transport over the years, making them a solid investment for the cost-conscious and environmentally friendly commuter.

Electric bikes are a great way to save money and the environment while still having a reliable and speedy way to travel across town. Speak to an expert today about your options and what make and model might be the best fit for you.