5 Reasons to Buy Mercedes Car Parts from a Wrecker

Mercedes Wreckers

A Mercedes has long been a symbol of luxury, affluence and good taste. It is regularly recognised as among the world’s leading marques and has remained one of the most desirable vehicle brands for more than a century.

If you own a Mercedes, you know it’s a precision machine and a luxury driving experience. You also know that replacement parts can be expensive. However, whatever the cost, you don’t want to use anything other than genuine Mercedes parts in your beloved car.

When it comes to replacement parts, a lot of owners of European cars may be hesitant to consider second hand parts. Perceptions of poor quality, unreliability of used parts dealers or difficulty finding reputable Mercedes wreckers can lead owners to write off the option of used parts completely.

If you’re one of those people, we’re going to try to change your mind by giving you five good reasons to buy your Mercedes parts from a reputable Mercedes or luxury car wrecker.

    1. Top quality parts
      When it comes to replacement parts for your Mercedes, obviously you want only genuine, top quality, prime condition parts. A high-end vehicle wrecker offers used parts in absolutely pristine condition. Parts are sourced from late model, low-kilometre and well-cared-for vehicles that have minimal damage and are in good working order. All parts are fully inspected, cleaned and reconditioned to ensure they are literally good as new. A reputable wrecker will even offer good warranties on used parts.
    2. Affordability
      Maintaining and repairing luxury European cars can be expensive. That’s the simple reality of owning a prestige car. However, you can significantly reduce the maintenance and repair costs by using used parts from a reputable wrecker. While substantially cheaper than new parts, they will still be genuine manufacturer’s parts, fully reconditioned and fully comparable to new parts, but at a fraction of the cost.
    3. Environmentally friendly
      Using second hand replacement parts is good for the environment. Since the part has already been manufactured, it has already paid its environmental carbon price. And giving it a new lease on life effectively halves its carbon cost. Using second hand parts also reduces demand for the manufacture of new parts, as well as reducing the environmental impact of the transport required to get the new parts over to Australia.
    4. Reduce repair delays
      Quality European car wreckers will carry a comprehensive range of replacement parts for a huge selection of models. They’ll be able to quickly find the exact part you need and either sell it to you on the spot or ship it to you express. Rather than the hassle and unreliability of sourcing parts from overseas manufacturers and distributors, you’re dealing with a local network of trusted wreckers who can source the precise part you need quickly and reliably.
    5. Deal with a specialist
      If you drive an unusual or rare model or you’re looking for an unusual part, there are specialist wreckers that deal with specific vehicle brands and models. For example, Merc4wd specialises in wrecking and providing spare parts solely for Mercedes 4WD and SUV models. Dealing with these specialist wreckers means you can quickly and easily track down those hard to find parts with minimal hassle.

The smart choice

Why pay dealership prices for your Mercedes replacement parts? Sourcing used parts from a reputable specialist wrecker will save you money and time while ensuring you get the absolute best quality parts available.