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Car detailing is a process of maintaining a car where the car is cleaned and polished. The process of detailing of a new car has been described below in detail and is carried out in the following manner:

The new car detailing process starts by cleaning of the car with water and foam. A sponge may be used for cleaning of the car and it must be thoroughly cleaned to remove the dust and the dirt. Care is taken to prevent any damage being done to the car to prevent forming of scratches. After the car has been cleaned it is dried with the help if a blower drier.

The next process is to use clay to remove impurities and contaminants from the paint. Two bars of clay may be used for this purpose. Clay is used to prepare the car for polishing. After the clay has been used the car is ready for the paint sealant. After this the car is inspected for the presence of regions where polishing might be needed. If the car is new then very little or no polishing may be needed as the paint is nice and thick at this stage.

Synthetic sealants can be used or layer waxing can be done at this stage in order to protect the paint. This is the most difficult part of the process. The plastic trim may be masked before applying the sealant or the wax in order to protect the paint. The sealant is applied to the car at this stage and it is allowed to cure overnight.

The next step is to take care of the interiors by vacuuming and dusting. After this the next step for cleaning the car is stain proofing. Various chemicals and cleaners are used for cleaning the interiors of the car. Care is taken while cleaning the glass windows and the seats so that no damage is done to them.

Two coats of wax are then applied over the sealant in order to deepen the shine and extend the protection further. The car now has three layers of protection which are the sealant and two coats of the wax. Sealing and protecting the car further is an intense detailing job. Protectants and sealants are further applied to the various different parts of the car to protect the various components.

Detailed detailing of the car is now done and the various components of the car are cleaned thoroughly. The wheels of the cars are then taken out for properly cleaning them. After cleaning the wheels are dried, treated with clay bars and a protectant is applied to them. The last job is the inspection of the car to search for any imperfections which may still be there.

New car detailing can be performed on cars whether you are in Melbourne area or any other place. It is an excellent method to keep cars in a good condition. For more info visit us at http://www.danthetouchupman.com.au/car-detailing/